Why Join Us

why join us

Work that is challenging and fun, whether in client site technical consulting, remote consulting and support, business development, IT training or office administration.

A flexible work environment that promotes individual growth, learning and responsibility while fostering teamwork. Reward for achievement, at both individual and team levels. And of course, above-market compensation and benefits. .

Keys to Success –

  • Strategic Planning Methodology 

    Ensure that the corporate vision, mission and strategic plan is communicated to all members of the Soyo Soft team and reflected in everything we do. Ensure that all employees participate in the plan and that each unit has its own plan that incorporates sub-goals or strategies contributing to the corporate goals. These plans must be living documents and must incorporate a continuous improvement discipline for every process within the corporation.

  • Quality & Delivery 

    Provide an appropriate emphasis on quality, timely delivery, and quality assurance for all services and solutions by designing and delivering quality into every deliverable. Provide a continuous improvement work environment such that each person can provide improvements to every process within Soyo Soft.

  • Recruiting & Resource Management 

    Recruit and hire the right person at the right time for the right job. This is key to any organization in the IT field when addressing the needs of clients or our internal projects. With constantly changing and improving technology, it is imperative to have a “just in time training” program for employee retention and professional growth as part of our Resource Management programs.

  • Strategic Partners 

    Add appropriate Strategic Partners and a process for making successful partnerships work. Because of the range of various technologies and the dynamic nature on Information Technology, there is no single company that can address the needs of the entire industry or client. Strategic partners are needed to fill the gaps in our offering, improve our value proposition to our clients and improve our marketing strength based on the added value of these partnerships. Strategic partnerships provides added capabilities with added investments.

  • Employee Satisfaction 

    Content employees are productive employees. The personnel and career planning needs of IT professionals can be very complex and varied since technology is so vast and comes from various parts of the globe – hence it is very important to have a strong Human Resource program that address those needs appropriately with career development, training and retention programs.

  • Soyo Soft, Inc.
  • 76 N. Broadway, Suite 2003
  • Hicksville, NY 11801
  • Off: (516) 644-5400
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  • info@soyosoft.com

About Soyo Soft

Soyo Soft is a New York State Registered “S” Corporation. The company is located at 76 N. Broadway Suite 2003, Hicksville, NY 11801. We are engaged in the business of computer consultancy services, software development and training.

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